Definition {Bangover}

nounbangover; plural noun: bangovers

The condition experienced the morning after enthusiastic crowd participation at a rock show. Characterised by the usual symptoms of a hangover combined with scrapes, bruises, aches and pains from being tossed about, slammed into and occasionally stomped on. General usage indicates tinnitus and/or a sore neck from banging one's head.

The Cure

Just like the day after a boozy night out, you need the hair of the dog to get you back on the level ready for another session. It's the same with a bangover. You need more of what you had last night. More rock. More punk. More emo. More hardcore. More metal.

Listen to The Bangover podcast while reading a live review or check out a video interview and you'll soon forget your aches and pains.

Meet the Team

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Jim Saunders


I've played in various bands for over 20 years (Murder One, The Seventh Cross, Betrayed By Many, Gods, Barrabus) and had the pleasure of touring with bands like Napalm Death, Bring Me The Horizon, Crowbar, Converge and Comeback Kid, to name but a few.

I now present 'The Bangover' radio show and podcast for TotalRock in London, UK.


Guy Alexander


I'm a Birmingham based photographer with a passion for capturing moments that usually go by in the blink of an eye.

Primarily focusing on Live Music in the Hardcore / Metal Scene, as well as Portrait and Promo work.

If you're interested in working with me hit me up through the contact page.


Michael Stewart Duffy


I've been working as a Freelance Videographer since 2010 after studying 'Digital Film and Video' at Coventry University. I specialise in creating cinematic wedding videos and capturing multi-camera, live event coverage. I also love taking on projects where my script writing, storyboarding and directing skills are utilised.

I love travelling and taking photos wherever I go. You can see a selection of my photos from around the world on instagram.

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If you have a passion for alternative music and can either write, take great photo's or interview/review bands, then hit us up. We'd love to hear from you.