The second installment of this years UK Tech-Metal Fest report featuring interviews with Loathe, Conjurer, the festival organiser Simon Garrod, Tom Winspear, Waghorn Guitars, Line 6 and Aaron Matts from Betraying The Martyrs.


  • 1Collapse by Heart Of A Coward
  • 2White Hot by Loathe
  • 3Servant and Master by Loathe
  • 4Apollo by Crystal Lake
  • 5Slave To The Beat by DVSR
  • 6See Hell by Agent Fresco
  • 7Retch by Conjurer
  • 8The Mire by Conjurer
  • 9The Resilient by Betraying The Martyrs
  • 10Unregistered by Betraying The Martyrs
  • 11Return To Earth by The Contortionist

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