This weeks episode of The Bangover Podcast is a special edition focusing on this years Nozstock Festival. Join Jim Saunders for 2 hours of interviews with grime punks Pengshui, UK Ska Punk veterans [Spunge], Croydon’s noisy power duo Frauds, Keith and Chris from We Are Scientists, the Reverend Michael “Alabama” Jackson from the hilarious Oh My God! It’s The Church, plus a conversation with the festival organisers, Noz and his daughter Ella. Also enjoy music by Grandmaster Flash, Muse and Iggy Pop.

Highlights….. Pengshui talking about their love of metal and giving big shout outs to Napalm Death and Meshuggah. Also, their answer to who would die first if they were all stranded on a desert island. We Are Scientists giving me suggestions on how I can make my podcast more marketable. And my favourite interview of this year so far, possibly ever!), the very funny Reverend Michael ‘Alabama’ Jackson from Oh My God! It’s The Church answering my hypothetical “Shag, Marry, Kill?” question with controversial options. WARNING – Don’t listen if you’re easily offended! But if you’re not a total sad sack, crack on and give it a spin.


  • 1No Time by Pengshui
  • 2Control by Pengshui
  • 3Don’t Like Me by Pengshui
  • 4Jump On Demand by [Spunge]
  • 5Gavva Wownd by [Spunge]
  • 6Suck Jobs by Frauds
  • 7One In, One Out by We Are Scientists
  • 8Heart Is A Weapon by We Are Scientists
  • 9Your Light Has Changed by We Are Scientists
  • 10Are You Ready For A Miracle? by Oh My God! It’s The Church
  • 11White Lines by Grandmaster Flash
  • 12Plugin Baby by Muse
  • 13Lust For Life by Iggy Pop

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