This weeks episode of The Bangover Podcast is a special edition focusing on this years Bloodstock Festival. Join Jim for 2 hours of interviews with, and music by, some of the best bands from the festival.

Episode Highlights: Lee from Feed The Rhino getting blood thirsty talking about cannibalism. Ali from Bleed From Within trying to sell me their own branded 6.66% IPA. Voyager explaining the meaning of life. Captain Yarface from Alestorm calling me a Butt Pirate. Chris Jericho from Fozzy declaring his love for The Beatles. Martin from At The Gates getting confused by my ridiculous question “Which is your favourite Gate?” and Mantas from Venom Inc describing his recent heart bypass!

Also expect music by Bloodshot Dawn, Lovebites and Weight Of The Tide.


  • 1Timewave Zero by Feed The Rhino
  • 2Shackled by Bloodshot Dawn
  • 3Crown Of Misery by Bleed From Within
  • 4Afterlife by Bleed From Within
  • 5LOVEBITES by The Crusade
  • 6Ascension by Voyager
  • 7The Architect by Weight Of The Tide
  • 8Fucked With An Anchor by Alestorm
  • 9War by Venom Inc
  • 10To Drink From The Night Itself by At The Gates
  • 11Judas by Fozzy

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