Episode 22 of The Bangover Podcast is a special edition focusing the spotlight on this years ArcTanGent Festival. Join Jim Saunders for 2 hours of interviews with, and music by, some of the bands from the festival including Rolo Tomassi, Boss Keloid, Ohhms and Black Peaks. Also expect music by Conjurer, La Dispute, Arcance Roots and Shellac.


  • 1 Only Us by Thrice
  • 2 Aftermath by Rolo Tomassi
  • 3 Rituals by Rolo Tomassi
  • 4 Afterlife by Bleed From Within
  • 5 Chronosiam by Boss Keloid
  • 6 Lokannok by Boss Keloid
  • 7 The Castle Builders by La Dispute
  • 8 The World by Ohhms
  • 9 The Hanged Man by Ohhms
  • 10 Landslide by Arcane Roots
  • 11 Electric Fires by Black Peaks
  • 12 Home by Black Peaks
  • 13 Can’t Sleep by Black Peaks
  • 14 Dude Incredible by Shellac

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