Episode 1 of The Bangover featured an exclusive interview with melodic hardcore band ‘Conveyer’ (Victory Records) which was recorded at Mama Roux’s in Birmingham on 25/02/18 during their European tour with Hed PE.


  • 1To Drink From The Night Itself by At The Gates
  • 2Blame by Shattered Sun
  • 3Absolute Sacrifice by Get The Shot
  • 4Cheap Magic by Turbowolf
  • 5Witchstone by Wicked Wizard
  • 6Sea Of Misery by Crowned Kings
  • 7Take The Fall by Iron Reagan
  • 8Return by Stand
  • 9New Jersey by Senses Fail
  • 10Unpaid Intern by Svalbard
  • 11Carrier by Conveyer
  • 12Bury Nothing by Moneyshot
  • 13Surrounded by Of Virtue
  • 14Faded Memory by Bloodline
  • 15White Hot by Loathe
  • 16False Light by Cabal
  • 17Call That An Option by Napalm Death
  • 18Sister Cities by The Wonder Years
  • 19Bloodlines // Love Stopped Me Coming Home by The Gospel Youth
  • 20Apex Night Eclipse by Alterbeast
  • 21Blood Of Summer by Witchcult 71
  • 22Stokasaurus by Bison
  • 23Black Heaven by EARTHLESS


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