This episode featured not one, but two interviews with a couple of fantastic underground alternative UK bands. Cauldron from Birmingham, UK are a metalcore band who have just released a new EP ‘The Scars Of Empty Faith’. I caught up with their singer Frazier at their EP release show. And Rash Decision from Falmouth, Cornwall are a ‘fastcore’ punk band who have just released their new album ‘Karoshi’. I chatted to Dave from the band via Skype to talk about their new record and to find out his favorite pasty filling!


  • 1The Awakening by Discrepancies
  • 2Long Shot Lost Cause by Post Season
  • 3Tuesday by Evertim
  • 4Scorched Earth by Integrity
  • 5No Days Darker by Outsider
  • 6Lost Dreams by Haviour
  • 7My Solitude by Cauldron
  • 8Blood Moon by Cauldron
  • 9From Conception by Cruelty
  • 10Northern Chaos Gods by Immortal
  • 11Victim Service by Baptists
  • 12Ravens by New Waters
  • 13Life Profit by Vaulted
  • 14Gimme The Keys by Clutch
  • 15Into The Fade by Duellists
  • 16On Your Own by No Fit State
  • 17Knocked Loose by Rash Decision
  • 18The Martockian by Rash Decision
  • 19The Seagull Has Landed by Rash Decision
  • 20900 Minutes by Rash Decision
  • 21Salary Man by Rash Decision
  • 22Crone by Monolithian
  • 23Parool by Wiegedood


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