Ian Glasper from Terrorizer Magazine joined Jim on this weeks show to chat about his new book ‘Contract In Blood’ which is a thorough and comprehensive history of UK Thrash Metal.

Listen and find out more about why Ian wrote the book, the bands featured within it and what he’s planning to write his next book about.


  • 1Halo by Boston Manor
  • 2Living Room by Get Married
  • 3Heaven Sent by New Found Glory
  • 4Rev-Up by Madball
  • 5Feels Like End Times by Modern Life Is War
  • 6Disarray by ERRA
  • 7Return To Ashes by Black Water Chemisty
  • 8Bad Thoughts by Rome Hero Foxes
  • 9Fire Of Motion by Zeal & Ardor
  • 10We Count So We Don’t Have To Listen by Birds In Row
  • 11Canary Yellow by Deafheaven
  • 12Executioners Tax by Power Trip
  • 13Fight With The Beast by Onslaught
  • 14Countess Bathory by Venom
  • 15Headshot by Thrashist Regime
  • 16Hordes by Send More Paramedics
  • 17Goddess by Acid Reign
  • 18A Cautionary Tale by Sabbat
  • 19Five Serpent’s Teeth by Evile


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