It was the summer solstice when The Bangover Episode 14 first aired on TotalRock and so in celebration of the longest day of the year, Jim played some looooooooong psychedelic stoner/groove rock tracks. No interviews on The Bangover this week, just a round up of the newest and best alternative music releases.


  • 1Sons Of Salem by Orange Goblin
  • 2Smoke Mirrors by The Five Hundred
  • 3Hollowed Out by Belmont
  • 4Inside Out by Trash Boat
  • 5Dark-ness Falls by Craft
  • 6Purple Pain by Young Bull
  • 7Fighting by Here Lies Man
  • 8Dip by Culture Abuse
  • 9Tunguska by Hopesfall
  • 10Jarhead by Pain Divine
  • 11Dis Is Fear by N.W.77
  • 12Old Souls by Moderntears
  • 13In Spite Of Me by Like Pacific
  • 14Survive Sunrise by ASG
  • 15That Something by With Confidence
  • 16Smiling On The Surface by Real Friends
  • 17Transient by Makari
  • 18Mental Knife by Hail The Sun
  • 19Disappeared by This Burning Age
  • 20The Worm by Young Bull
  • 21Our Raw Heart by YOB
  • 22The Clouds Of Damnation by The Spirit
  • 23Wine, Song & Sacrifice by Sanguinary Trance


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