Episode 2 featured an exclusive interview with South Wales grindcore band ‘They Live | We Sleep’ about their forthcoming debut EP ‘Self Harm’ which is being released on March 27th 2018. The interview was recorded on location at Stallions & Galleons Tattoo Parlour in Swansea.


  • 1Second Chances by Sink The Ship
  • 2Black Dog by Shields
  • 3Invidious by Ingested
  • 4No Submission by War By Other Means
  • 5Bad Way by Sick One’s
  • 6High Pressure by Turnstile
  • 7Retch by Conjurer
  • 8Along The Dew by Grand Collapse
  • 9The Red Sky Above by Black Rainbows
  • 10Life Made Filth by They Live We Sleep
  • 11Destroy What Destroys You by They Live We Sleep
  • 12Can’t Tell No One by Negative Approach
  • 13Hollow Stories by Scream Blue Murder
  • 14Unconditional by Savage Hands
  • 15Fixated Upon a Figure by Sanction
  • 16Patiently Waiting by Slumlord
  • 17Natural Selection by Natural Selection
  • 18Reign Of Turmoil by Judiciary
  • 19Comin’ Down by Back Down
  • 20Self Harm by They Live We Sleep
  • 21Feral by They Live We Sleep
  • 22Pig Fucker by They Live We Sleep
  • 23Another Plane by Sergeant Thunderhoof


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