Episode 3 featured an exclusive interview with Sully Erna from Godsmack about their forthcoming album ‘When Legends Rise’ which is being released on April 27th 2018 via Spinefarm Records.


  • 1Cutthroat by Blessthefall
  • 2Lifeless by Bloodline
  • 3Parasite by InVisions
  • 4Pride: Of Might & Mane by Our Hollow Our Home
  • 5Regret by Taken
  • 6Wavering by Casey
  • 7Scene Of The Crime by True Love
  • 8Where It Ends by Vantage Point
  • 9Rise Above by Set Sights
  • 10Party’s Over by Second Go!
  • 11Chrome Hammer by High Reeper
  • 12The Lascivious Underdark by Gygax
  • 13Bulletproof by Godsmack
  • 14Life Made Filth by They Live We Sleep
  • 15A Gift For The Obsessed by The Absence
  • 16Enter Oblivion by Darkest Hour
  • 17Misery Trophies by The Absence
  • 18Second Seal by Hell To Pay
  • 19A Prelude To Extinction by Revolve
  • 20Corrupt by Perpetua
  • 21The Silent Life by Rivers Of Nihil
  • 22Capsule by Baptists
  • 23The Grey King by Monotheist
  • 24Greater Power by Wolf King
  • 25Twilight Sunrise by The Sword


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