Episode 5 featured an interview with guitarist Brian McLelland from Seattle hardcore punk band, ‘Fucked & Bound’. We talked about the Seattle punk scene, his other band ‘He Whose Ox Is Gored’ plus an in depth discussion about ‘Suffrage’, the stunning debut full length by ‘Fucked & Bound’ available now via Atomic Action Records.


  • 1Lone Wolves by War On Women
  • 2The Reach For Me by Stick To Your Guns
  • 3Just Another Ghost by Hawthorne Heights
  • 4Bedlam by Azazel
  • 5Pitch Black & Gold by Traced By Enemies
  • 6Set Me Free by Bleeding Through
  • 7Please Don’t by Graveyard
  • 8Crusade by He Whose Ox Is Gored
  • 9Cabal by Caustic Wound
  • 10Skin Job by Repudiate
  • 11Grave Desecration by Hideous Creep
  • 12Party Void by Fucked & Bound
  • 13Dead Bop by Fucked & Bound
  • 14Numb To The Pain by Terminal Nation
  • 15Repeat by The Fallen Prodigy
  • 16Over And On by Marishi Ten
  • 17Without Rest by Machinist!
  • 18Guillotine by Kataklysm
  • 19Creeps On The Street by Fucked & Bound
  • 20Zero Fucks by Fucked & Bound
  • 21Abuse Of Registry by Fucked & Bound
  • 22I Call Bullshit by The Bombpops
  • 23Slumber by Layover
  • 24Legacy by Unsullied
  • 25Long Lost Friend by ILSA
  • 26Stereotypically Doomed by Haaze


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