Episode 7 featured an interview with vocalist Dan Flitcroft from UK psychedelic groove rock band “Sergeant Thunderhoof” plus tracks from their fantastic new album ‘Terra Solus’.


  • 1Black Flame by Bury Tomorrow
  • 2Gatekeeper by Cancer Bats
  • 3Dead Rose by Chelsea Grin
  • 4Old Fashioned by Madball
  • 5True Fear by Kublai Khan
  • 6Class War by Bar Fight
  • 7Existence by Cruelty
  • 8Another Plane by Sergeant Thunderhoof
  • 9The Tree And The Serpent by Sergeant Thunderhoof
  • 10Clandestiny by Mastodon
  • 11Empty The Same by Like Moths To Flames
  • 12Samsara by The Northern
  • 13Kings Of The Knight by The Black Dahlia Murder
  • 14Fade To Oblivion by Homewrecker
  • 15Survive Sunrise by ASG
  • 16Diesel Breath by Sergeant Thunderhoof
  • 17Half A Man by Sergeant Thunderhoof
  • 18Through The Void by Garganjua


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