No interviews on Episode 9, just some killer new music by Vein, Northlane, Sharp Shock and Bleeding Through plus some old classics by 90’s So-Cal punks Lagwagon and Liverpool doom merchants, Conan.


  • 1King Of Sorrow by August Burns Red
  • 2Under Fire by Miss May I
  • 3Sanctum Of Suffering by Boundaries
  • 4Virus://Vibrance by Vein
  • 5Broken Teeth by MSRY
  • 6Tired Of Being Tired Of Being Tired by Cassus
  • 7Riot Of The Mind by Broken Teeth
  • 8May 16th by Lagwagon
  • 9Creature by Lost In Society
  • 10I Don’t Want A Nuclear Family by Sharp Shock
  • 11Unfulfilled by Piece Of Mind
  • 12Deadrise by DENS
  • 13Heartmachine by Northlane
  • 14900 Minutes by Rash Decision
  • 15The Martockian by Rash Decision
  • 16The Screen by YOB
  • 17Fade Into The Ash by Bleeding Through
  • 18Dead Rat, Rotting Raven by Wolvhammer
  • 19Back To Basics by WARFUCK
  • 20Stalemate Suicide by Violation Wound
  • 21Beyond The Reach Of Flame by Micawber
  • 22Take Me Back by The Material
  • 23Ten Leaf Clover by Slowly Slowly
  • 24Birthdays by Bare Dreams
  • 25Sell Your Soul by Odd Robot
  • 26Luminosity by Distant Dream
  • 27Retaliator by Conan
  • 28Portals by CHRCH


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