Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll no doubt be aware that England made it through to the quarter finals of the FIFA World Cup….HUZZAH! (And since this episode went out on air, we’re now in the semi-finals…..DOUBLE HUZZAH!!) In celebration, Jim chose punk, metal and hardcore bands to represent each of the countries who were in the quarter finals of the world cup, to battle it out musically. Listen and find out who he chose and decide who you think wins each match.



  • 1Hollow¬†by¬†Pantera
  • 2Incinerate¬†by¬†Unearth
  • 3Meloncholia¬†by¬†Converge
  • 4Faint Object Camera¬†by¬†Hopesfall
  • 5Suffocating Syndrome¬†by¬†Hail The Sun
  • 6Nuestros Pasos¬†by¬†Days Of The Phoenix
  • 7Scars¬†by¬†Landmvrks
  • 8Because We Care¬†by¬†Paura
  • 9Hollow¬†by¬†Mindwar
  • 10Reflections¬†by¬†The Vintage Caravan
  • 11Waste My Head¬†by¬†Step Sisters
  • 12Primordial Genocide¬†by¬†Weed Demon
  • 13Unaware¬†by¬†Annisokay
  • 14No Friends¬†by¬†Bleeding Through
  • 15My Own Grave¬†by¬†As I Lay Dying
  • 16Anarcha¬†by¬†War On Women
  • 17Sons Of Satan¬†by¬†Integrity
  • 18Mighty Ravendark¬†by¬†Immortal
  • 19Iron Strengthens Iron¬†by¬†Dyscarnate
  • 20To Drink From The Night Itself¬†by¬†At The Gates
  • 21Chronic Slaughter¬†by¬†Slaughter To Prevail
  • 22Extinction¬†by¬†Within Destruction
  • 23Age Of The Absurd¬†by¬†Mantar
  • 24Oblivion¬†by¬†The Five Hundred


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